Agestar srl was born in Marghera in 1987 as a international forwarder house and shipping agency.

AGESTAR, since beginning of its activities, mainly operates in the plant and projects cargo sectors and is able to offer a full logistic management with withdrawal, deposit and return of goods and materials addressed to board.

Experience gained from staff AGESTAR and the support of valid port collaborators and

experts customs brokers ensure that a management highly professional care planning,

Coordination and supervision of all business to ensure  Handling, Boarding / Landing and Transport safe and reliable.

To make his service even more qualified, in step with the times such as to meet

the full satisfaction of its customers, AGESTAR got in march 2011 by the

Dasa-Ragister S.P.A. even the certification for quality management system :EN ISO 9001:2008.

Agestar S.R.L.-Shipping Agency And International Trasports - 5 Via Gloria Andrea, Venezia, VE 30175